Gregg Horowitz - Take the Money and Run

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I hired Gregg Horowitz in August of 2010 to represent me in a simple divorce

case regarding my husband. A retainer fee of 3,500 was paid and I was told that

this would well cover the costs of his service. Paperwork was filed with the

court and my husband was served with the divorce proceeding.(August of 2010)

The case went under default because my husband didn't respond and a final court

hearing for the divorce was set for March,3 2011.

A month before hiring Horowitz, in July of 2010 I was given no choice but to

file with the Child support Collection Unit of Florida for my three children. All

paperwork was in motion with the state before Horowitz came into the picture.

When Horowitz took my money he also stated that he would push the child Support

hearing through at no extra cost. His office contacted me wanting me to fill out the

income worksheet. I told him that this was already filed with the state in the prior

month. He then told me since he was taking over the case that I was to contact the

Child Support Unit to release them of the proceedings. Another worksheet was done for

his office.

In November 23,2010 the child support hearing was conducted with all parties present.

The court ordered the depuction or garnishment to start on December 10,2010. After

constant attempts to contact Horowitz in January 2011,(with no response) I started to do

the research on my own to find out why the court order was not into affect. I uncovered

that proper paperwork was not summited to the court by Horowitz and this was causing the

delay. I was able to contact Horowitz in February 2011 and begin to question him about

my findings. He then told me the hold up was due to the court misplacing my file.(this was

a lie) I didn't Start receiving Child support untill March 23,2011. Almost four months after

the court order.

Now my divorce, This was under default as I explained earlier. No assets involved. When

I went to the final hearing,(March 3,2011) I was shocked. Not only did he allow a continuance

of my case, but i found myself on the withness stand being questioned by my husband. To

make matters worse his secretary contacted me stating I had to go back to court March 14,2011

for another child support hearing. Horowitz couldn't be found for an explaination. On March 13,

2011 I was informed that the court case was postponed till March 28, 2011. Again, Horowitz was

not able to be found for an explaination. Apon going to court on the 28th the case was cancelled

with no Horowitz to be found in the waiting room.

this was the last mistake I could tolerate Horowitz representing me. His misrepresentation and

lack of concern for myself and my children life's had to end at that day. He gave me no choice

but to terminate his service.

His Final Itemized bill came to 2700 dollars. The little funds I have put away for my children

are now gone and we are in a worse situation than before Horowitz took our money.

I find myself with a new attorney and was charged 1500 dollars from start to finish. She is

now correcting Horowitz mistakes and we find ourselfs going to mediation which never should

have occured. He has taken my money and ran.

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